RRUNA is the brainchild of Virginia Colonna and Martina Fortuni.
Our paths crossed at the Radiohead concert in Florence in 2013.
Influenced by our respective backgrounds, Italian and International, in the cinema industry and in the art world, in 2014 we launched RRUNA. Our goal is to create contaminations between various art forms.

We believe in the power of art
and in the creative encounter of different minds.

Here art and fashion are allies in a creative conflict
where the former finds expression in the latter.
And gives life to a new universe made of visions,
anticipations, interpretations and dreams:

a new expressive synthesis where the artist is the mind
and the designer the voice.

We are a place of discovery and research, where to be amazed and inspired!
We are independent and fulfilled women
with no need to prove anything.
We are creative and genuine men who are always open to change.
We are proud of who we are.
We dare!
We push ourselves beyond limits, pondering all possible paths,
from the most risky to the most unexpected.
Without prejudice nor limits.

Our collections have no sex, no age, no past,
no present and no future:
timeless creations, real works of art.