Camera Red

by Maria Mulas

CAMERA RED Collection sums up the photographic world of Maria Mulas: shifting from architectural shots to unforgettable artists’ portraits, and a touch of her distinctive ginger head with it all.

CAMERA RED is a clothing collection of 3 garments: a coat, a pair of trousers and a waistcoat. Maria Mulas designed each garments taking inspiration from an artist of the 20th Century.

The pair of trousers is inspired to Mark Rothko’s color fields: the attention-grabbing colour is combined with a refined cotton silk fabric on high-waisted wide leg trousers with darts.

The high tech double faced fabric waistcoat is the item Maria has dedicate to herself: the geometric shape with diagonal zip recalls the photographer’ architecture shots. Embellished with a pattern of topstitched concentric circles is the hood that echoes one of her most iconic photographs: a black and white mannequin head with a target on the forehead.

The coat in limited edition is dedicated to Alberto Burri and its Plastiche. Structured in layers, the inner layer is a sleeveless kaftan in acetate linen with back button closure on juta strip; the mid layer is an oversized orange casentino coat with real leather trims and back zip neck. And the shell layer is a sleeveless raincoat in PVC kristal with front zip. The 3 garments can be worn separately or on top of each other as one piece/ tripthyc.


Maria Mulas

Internationally acclaimed Italian photographer, Maria Mulas’s practice started in the 70s with portraiture, a subject that has always been the core of her artistic research.

She had her first solo exhibition in 1976 at Galleria Diaframma in Milan and she have had a prolific and accomplished career as artist and photographer ever since. She has exhibited internationally in private galleries, museums and public institutions. Her work is part of several high profile private and public collections.

Maria Mulas is very well known for her urban architecture and stage photographs, and in particular for her portraits of some of the greatest artists of the 20th Century such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Joseph Beuys, Alberto Burri and many more.

Maria Mulas’ photographs shy away from what it could be defined as the mechanical recording of a moment. Her work rejects the static nature and lack of emotion of a certain type of photography. Instead she focuses on revealing the emotions triggered by staring into someone’s eyes. Anyone who has been photographed by Maria Mulas will always remember to have been looked by the vivid eyes of an artist in love with the world she represents. All her portraits become the mise en scène of a fondness, of a friendship.