by Giuseppe Abate

CLUES is made up of unique pieces only, born from combining selected vintage items gathered all around Italy and Europe and custom patches designed by the artist which have been embroidered in India.

Every piece is unique and tells the story of two worlds, the Eastern and the Western, oscillating between past and present.

The artist worked on the collection during his residency at the Guwahati Research Program in Assam (India), curated by Microclima (Venice, Italy)
Inspired by the local urban context, split between the rural nature and old textile tradition and the modern industrialization and technical development, he has recasted the pop culture visual communication creating a collection where the aesthetic outcome is strident and fascinating at same time and highlighting the coexistence of the two souls driving the country.

Hence, the development of the CLUES Collection through a series of drawings later resulted in patches realized by the artist after both foodstuff billboards (like the various flavored crisp packets) and handwritten bespoke signs covering pimped up trucks and public transport.

With the collaboration of local seamstresses almost 150 patches have been produced using local threads and traditional Indian techniques. In Italy, they have been assembled and applied on vintage clothing: items of clothing that over the time have turned into cult, such as denim jackets, making their mark on culture and customs of entire generations.

Every piece within the limited edition speaks for itself through “clues“ which evoke worlds, cultures, styles, eras and create a cultural clash that makes every item unique.
Extravagant and at times bizarre, all these elements together strengthen each other’s and give life to garments that hardly go unnoticed.

For CLUES collection and for the first time RRUNA presents a menswear capsule collection of 9 items.



Giuseppe Abate

Giuseppe Abate (Bari, 1987) ha conseguito la laurea in Pittura all’Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia (2011).

Dal 2013 al 2014 ha lavorato con lo Studio d’Arte Cannaviello a Milano e ha partecipato al programma di residenza della Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa (Venezia, 2014).

Dal 2016 è stato invitato alle ultime tre edizioni del Guwahati Research Program (Assam, India) promosso da Microclima.

I suoi lavori sono stati esposti all’Assam State Museum (Guwahati, India, 2017), al Museo Nazionale della Montagna (Torino, 2016), al Museo di Arte Contemporanea Pino Pascali (Bari, 2012), al Rob Pruitt Flea Market presentato dalla Galleria A + A (Venezia, 2015), alla Galleria Municipale di Arte Contemporanea di Monfalcone (Monfalcone, 2011), presso la Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa (Venezia, dal 2011 al 2015) e lo Studio d’Arte Cannaviello (Milano, 2013).