Cross the line

by Gozde Ilkin

The artist draws inspiration from the current political conditions of Turkey and more in general from the difficult conditions affecting the Middle East to make a denunciation through art.

The collection title itself refers to the English expression ‘don’t cross the line’: do not cross the boundery/border, either metaphorically or physically.

CROSS THE LINE attempts to challenge these limits, the goal being to not be stopped by geopolitical barriers that are often at the service of bureaucracy and obsolete governments and eventually turn into insurmountable mental and physical walls.

So, hand stitched phrases such as date of birth:.., place of birth:…, special marks:… pop up followed by suspensions marks on cuffs, front and on the back of some garments leaving any specific answer intentionally suspended.

The collection has been split into two releases, summer and winter.

For the summer version, the artist designed a series of motifs that have been printed on silk giving life to out and out textiles, printed in Turkey with traditional techniques and fixings. The collection is made of 3 garments: a jumpsuit, a denim jacket and a series of silk-satin evening pajamas with all over prints.

The winter collection was realized with fine Italian yarns of wool and cashmere and hand embroidered. It is composed of a coat with printed lining, decorated with topstitches and hand embroidery, no buttons, but a belt around the waist; a dress with pockets and hand embroidery on the cuffs; a suit, jacket and trousers, lined with printed fabrics.

For the shapes and style, Gozde was inspired by the traditional costumes and clothing of the Ottoman Empire.

Fall Winter Collection

Spring Summer Collection

Gozde Ilkin

Gözde Ilkin was born 1981 in Kütahya (Turkey) and lives and works between Istanbul and Berlin. After finishing her studies at Mimar Sinan University and Marmara University, she took part in international artist exchange programs in the Netherlands and Germany and in several exhibitions across Europe.

İlkin creates her work on fabric, canvas, paper, and other medias on which she embroiders her stories, either by hand or machine. She very much focuses her practice towards gender and identity issues underlining the sociopolitical barriers put in place by contemporary society.

‘The Trap Gözde Ilkin’ at Gypsum Gallery in Cairo (2016) and ‘Stained Estate’ at Françoise Heitsch Gallery in Munich (2015) are among her most recent solo shows. Whereas her main group shows include ‘Muscle Memory’ curated by Ece Pazarbaşı at Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien, Berlin (2017),  ‘zeigedeine Wunde 2016 / Teil 2 – Das Environment’ at Maximilians Forum in Munich (2016), ‘Spaceliner’ curated by Barbara Heinrich at Arter in Istanbul (2015) and ‘Dream and Reality’ at Istanbul Modern (2011).